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SPARTACOTE® Grip Traction Additive

SPARTACOTE GRIP Traction Additive is an ultra-durable yet high strength, lightweight pulverized resin that is designed for use in clear and pigmented SPARTACOTE FLEX polyaspartic concrete floor coatings. A viable alternative to heavy aluminum aggregates, SPARTACOTE GRIP Traction Additive can be dispersed and suspended evenly directly into coatings or broadcast depending on the application. While the material is commonly used to improve traction coefficients, it also helps to dramatically increase the durability and abrasion resistance properties of finished floor coating systems. SPARTACOTE GRIP Traction Additive is recommended to be dispersed at a rate of 57 gm by volume, 3.8. Additive loads may increase depending on the application. The material is available in 3 separate sizes as follows: 40 (largest), 60 and 100 (smallest) mesh.